Getting a good night sleep is so important in todays fast paced society and there is nothing worse than your bedroom being too light when you’re trying to catch some zzz’s. Annoying street lamps, other houses and even the moon can disturb your nocturnal napping.

And if you’re a shift worker, sleeping during the day becomes even harder! That’s where blackout curtains can be super helpful!

Here are some stylish options that make your bedroom look great AND ensure you’re sleeping in total darkness.

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bedroom curtains 01

Consistency is the key. Matching blackout curtains on both windows keeps the room looking stylish and slick.

Photo: Bridgwater Consulting

bedroom curtains 02

The window has sheers to allow in light when needed, and good looking blackout curtains for when darkness is crucial.

Photo: CP Styling

bedroom curtains 03

These curtains are subtle but stylish, blending in nicely with the overall room design.

Photo: Howells Architecture

bedroom curtains 04

The most important consideration when choosing blackout curtains is to ensure they are large enough to more than cover the window.

Photo: MC Interiors

bedroom curtains 05

Dark solid blackout drapes can be a smart choice to balance certain styles of rooms. Such as this finely patterned wallpaper.

Photo: Greg Natale

bedroom curtains 06

Blackout curtains can be thicker than normal curtains. This means they can also improve the insulation of a room and help prevent heat loss during colder weather.

Image: Matpel Builders

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