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Residents of Cranbourne have it Made in the Shade with Blockout and Roller Blinds

Imagine walking through your home and looking out of your windows with a different perspective. You can see out into the yard, but instead of peering through the outdated drapery, enjoy an unobscured view through the gorgeous new blinds.

Why not replace those ancient window coverings with beautiful and affordable roller blinds in Cranbourne? These covers are an attractive alternative to drapes and allow the preferred amount of light to shine through while creating an atmosphere of privacy. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, blinds offer an attractive option to a standard window covering.

Roller blinds in Cranbourne provide the benefit of having two blinds in one mechanism. The dual roller blinds allow you to let the soft daylight in during the morning and afternoon hours and produce a full blockout in the evening. These versatile blinds are popular in Australian homes and come in a variety of colours to coordinate with any existing design scheme.

Also, the exclusive double bracket option creates a convenient fit for two blinds on one bracket. They can be of the same fabric, or you may choose different yet complementary materials to craft a look that is unique to you.

Experience Affordable Luxury with Blockout Blinds in Cranbourne

Using a double bracket roller blind, it’s easy to enjoy a complete blockout window shade as well as a sunscreen shade on the same window. With blockout blinds, the user can have total privacy in the dusk while enjoying the advantages of complete sunscreen during the hotter months. This fantastic blind design allows you to cool your home using fabric insulation allowing for privacy and shade at the same time.

Another favoured blind design is the panel track. This design is a beautiful solution for a large window or sliding door. These eco-friendly blinds are created from a natural plaited material and provide a stylish solution for that hard to fit window or large patio slider.

When you wish to cool down your home as the weather heats up in Melbourne, the Panel Glide blinds are an excellent way to keep out the heat. The shades also look spectacular when used to divide up a room and come in a variety of trendy colours and fabrics. The wide panel scheme is unique: when the blinds are open, they effectively screen the daylight, and when closed they slide neatly side by side.

Embellish your Windows with Fashionable Coverings

An easy and affordable way to dress up a room is to embellish the windows. With contemporary window coverings such as shutters, drapes, and blinds in Cranbourne, you can upgrade the feel of a room with luxurious fabrics, rich textiles and stylish materials while maintaining the simplicity of a traditional window covering.

At Royal Crest Blinds, we are proud to offer fashionable yet stylish blinds made from plush fabrics in various textures. Our products are created using the highest quality of natural materials that will add a flawless accompaniment for today’s sophisticated homes.

We also provide exceptional value for your money as our window coverings offer a perfect blend of elegance and practicality. Give us a call on 03 5941 8070 and find out why we are known to provide the ultimate in quality window coverings.

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