Curtains have played a part in our lives since the 2nd century for a number of reasons including privacy, control of light, heat and noise, as well as for aesthetic value. Here we have some of the more creative modern curtain designs from around the world.

creative curtains 01

This kids bedroom has curtains draped on either side of the bed, with a rod fixed to the ceiling. It provides a bit of a tent feel, and allows the child to close themselves off when they chat, play or read.

creative curtains 02

A very bold design with curtains extending the full height of the room, and not just around the windows. Makes this a grand “chill out” space.

creative curtains 03

Clever use of curtains to divide space and hide the washer and dryer, while still providing ease of access.

creative curtains 04

This living space with a large projector on the wall has used curtains to create the effect of an actual movie theatre. So simple yet so amazing!

creative curtains 05

Another use of curtains to enclose a bed. Kids love to build forts and have privacy so these funky designs which are very easy to create do the trick!

creative curtains 06

A full length sea design which fits perfectly in the bathroom and gives the space an authentic nautical feel.

creative curtains 07

These sheer drapes are perfect for separating a large living space into two smaller spaces, while letting through ample light and easily opening it back up when required.

creative curtains 08

Lofts can have a tendency to feel a bit cold with their high ceilings but this one in Californian uses extra tall curtains to quash that issue! And the combination of sheer at the top to let light in and thick down the bottom to create cosiness is a stroke of genius!

creative curtains 09

This clever kids design is made out of a range of different fabrics. The results speak for themselves!

creative curtains 10

Curtains don’t just have to be confined to indoors. This example uses them on a patio, allowing the owner to quickly shut off the outdoor area, hiding it from elements such as wind and rain, and creating an instant private area.

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