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Affordable Made to Measure Custom Curtains in Dandenong

Since the beginning of time, humans have been using the power of colour, texture, and fabric to adorn themselves and decorate their surroundings. In today’s 21st Century home you might see any number of available modern interior decorating items such as lush carpets or throw rugs, designer furniture, artwork and unique window coverings.

As you walk into your home in Dandenong, ask yourself what message your visitors receive as they enter. If your home needs an interior design renovation, now is the time to replace those old curtains, remove any poorly coordinated colour schemes and cover any bare windows with great window coverings.

While uncovered windows can give the impression of an unfriendly or stark atmosphere, a suitably covered window exudes a welcoming feeling. Once you have assessed your window coverings, you may decide it’s time to refurbish the whole interior of your home.

An ideal starting point for an interior remodel is to replace the window coverings. It’s been said that windows that are well-decorated with unique and intriguing covers will embellish a room’s specific style, enrich the ambience, and evoke a sense of belonging for guests.

Customise Interior Design with Custom Curtains in Dandenong

When you want a look that is unique to you, don’t settle for traditional everyday window coverings. Although we offer ready to hang curtains, we excel at custom drapery and blinds that can be made into a variety of beautiful fabrics and textures and measured to fit any room. Whether you want to cover the kitchen, bathroom, living-, dining- or bedroom windows, you can count on us to provide the products that complete your decorating project.

Hanging curtains is a fantastic choice as they work to keep the direct sunlight at bay. A properly hung drape can keep a home cooler in the hot weather, warmer in the cooler temperatures and save on energy costs while enhancing the atmosphere of any room. Imagine coming home after a long day to enjoy the backdrop of custom drapery made from hand-selected textiles in your favourite colours.

Our customised made to measure curtains can be made to fit almost any size window or door such as odd-shaped or arched windows and sliding glass or French doors. Drapery can even be hung in the centre of a room and used as a functional room divider. We work with you to create drapes using your colour scheme and preferred fabrics, offering a custom look and added privacy at an affordable price.

Luxury just became Affordable with Customised Curtains

For over six years, Royal Crest Blinds has been providing made to measure curtains in Cranbourne and the surrounding areas. We offer a host of beautiful window drapes that can be customised to fit an existing decorating scheme or enhance and renovate your home’s current decorating scheme.

We are proud to provide a large selection of window covering products along with unsurpassed customer service. In addition to drapery, we carry an extensive inventory of other window coverings such as panel glide, Roman, Polywood Venetian, cedar Venetian and verticals.

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