Dual Roller Blinds

Dual roller blinds are becoming a very popular choice for window coverings in Australian homes. The design has been developed to conveniently fit two blinds onto one bracket, giving you the dual benefits of a sunscreen blind and a block-out blind on one window. You save on space without the concern of installing two separate blinds. By combining two fabrics in one blind, day & night blinds give you a unique two in one setup which allows you to have two contrasting fabrics in one shade for one window.

During the day enjoy the view through a highly translucent, light filtering fabric and at night, switch over to a more opaque, even block -out fabric to eliminate light and ensure privacy.

At Royal Crest, we use the best available aluminium roll tube on our dual roller blinds with internal strengthening ribs for rigidity. This will prevent any chance of the roll tube bowing or bending which means your blinds won’t end up with wavy fabric.

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Blockout Blinds in Melbourne

You can’t go past our room darkening Dual Roller Blinds

If you prefer a soft light during the day, but a full block-out at night, consider our Double Bracket option, which gives you two separate blinds—the rear one for full block-out, the front one translucent for day. These are the highest quality blockout blinds in Melbourne which are easy to use and made to last.

To use the double bracket, you’ll need a second blind of the same size so be sure to choose an alternate fabric as well! Royal Crest Blinds offer Roller blinds and Dual Roller Blinds (or Double Roller Blockout Blinds) in almost any fabric.

DUAL BLINDS are a double bracket roller blind allowing you to have both a full block-out blind and a sunscreen blind on the one window. Blockout roller blinds allow you to have complete privacy in the evening and also the advantage during the hotter months the ability to cool your home by insulating your windows at the same time. Sunscreen blinds also allow you to have your privacy during the day whilst cutting out the suns glare.

Why use Royal Crest for Dual Roller Blinds?

Most people remember roller blinds as the spring-loaded version that never rose fully and were difficult to set to a position. Roller blinds from Royal Crest Blinds overcome those problems by using a chain operated sidewinder to raise and lower the blind.

Royal Crest Blinds offers this system exclusively and supplies only the best in quality components. We don’t offer plated chain. All our roller blinds use an all- stainless steel winder chain. We also finish the bottom of our roller blinds with an aluminium round or as an option, a designer bar.

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