Venetian blinds come in a range of materials including polywood (synthetic), metal and wooden (timber). No matter which style you have, they attract dust and need regular cleaning. Keeping on top of this maintenance is important, as is using an appropriate technique to keep your venetian blinds dust free.

Option A – Vacuum Cleaner

1. Close the slats on your blinds so the surface is as flat as possible.

2. Attach the brush attachment to the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner. Do not use a nozzle without the attachment, as you might accidentally scratch the slats.

3. With your non-dominant hand, hold the blind to prevent it banging as you vacuum.

4. Slowly vacuum from the centre and move outwards, both left and right. Repeat this until the whole window covering is done.

5. Once completed, open and shut the slats the other way and clean the underside of the blinds using the same technique.

vacuum blinds cleaning pic


Option B – Spraying and Wiping

1. This can be a great way to prevent build up of dust and dirt.

2. Before starting, look over the blinds to identify the main problem spots.

3. Get a surface cleaner. As some products can damage certain surfaces, to be extra safe we recommend using a natural surface cleaner.

4. Spray onto the slats focusing on any sticky areas, stains or splatters.

5. Using paper towel, carefully wipe down the slats and dry.

Option C – Hand Cleaning with an Old Sock

1. Close the slats on your blinds so the surface is as flat as possible.

2. Get an old cotton sock (make sure it’s clean!) Alternatively, you might like to purchase a dust-attractant glove or clothes dryer sheets which reduce the static electricity.

3. For polywood or metallic slats, you can use a slightly dampened sock (dampen using water or a non-sticky cleaning spray as leaving sticky streaks on the blinds can attract dirt). Keep the glove dry for wooden slats.

4. Run your fingers gently over the slats. Start from the centre to the edge, both right and left. This ensures extrea dust is not run across the entire slat from one end to the other.

5. Open and shut the blind slats the opposite way. And repeat the technique.

sock venetian blinds cleaning

OPTIONAL TIP: You might want to leave the slats open, and with the sock on your hand, slide the blind between your thumb and the rest of your hand. Wipe the slat back and forth, essentailly cleaning both sides of the slat at the same time.

We hope you find these venetian blind cleaning tips helpful.