Screen Roller Blinds

Screen roller blinds are made in special UV fabric. These blinds are in the much loved roller blind style simply made up in a technical fabric. This fabric Royal Crest Blinds provides is really win-win-win; just take a look at all its benefits:

Visually transparent, you will be able to see the view through the window but no-one will be able to see inside. (Just be aware that at night this is reversed so ensure that your night time privacy is protected.)

Roller blinds absorb the heat from the sun and provide a moderate temperature which is very important in Melbourne, especially in the summer.The product includes a system that will permit to roll up the actual blinds up to a certain level by just one take. An identical pelmet provides the final touch to your furnishings.

Feature of Screen Roller Blinds

  • Reduced glare and brightness on TV or computer screens.

  • Provides solar protection (95% ultra violet screening).

  • Reduced Heat.

  • Reduced need for artificial lighting by keeping the benefit of natural light.

  • Virtually 100% waterproof and washable, combine this with its bacterial and fungal resistant properties and you also have the perfect blind for kitchens.

  • Available in a range of sophisticated colours.

If you’re looking for roller blinds rather than screens you may want to check out our selection of holland blinds.

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