If you want to transform the interior of your home, one of the easiest and most effective places to start is with your window treatments. You can literally change the entire ambiance of a room by updating the type, size, colour and texture of the window treatments. So to help give your home a magical makeover, here are ten new design trends for your curtains and blinds.

1. Layered: If you want a romantic or cosy feel to your room, then layering your window treatments is the solution. So consider layering long flowing curtains over a textured roman blind for added warmth and privacy.


2. Pelmets: These add a classic element to your room by providing a seamless look to your window treatments. For a more traditional vibe cover pelmets in the same material as the curtains, whilst for a more modern uptake, try covering them in a contrasting colour or pattern.


3. Internal curtains: These can be used as room dividers in large rooms or for increasing privacy. Use them to decorate French doors, bathroom entries and to provide separation between the dining and living areas in a large open plan room.

4. Tie backs: These are great if you want to let more light in a room or you simply love the classic shape created when curtains are tied back. For a traditional look, use the same material for the tie backs as the curtains, but for a more modern look, match the tiebacks to the blinds.

tie backs

5. Sheers: These look absolutely fabulous, particularly if they flow from a dropped ceiling down to the floor. If you want privacy, however, it’s best to match your sheers with a blind, either in the same colour for a minimalist style or a light neutral tone for a more ethereal ambiance.


6. Half ways: Adding sheer curtains to the lower half of a window lets light flood in above the curtains, whilst still maintaining your privacy. It’s a great option if you are not too sure what type of window dressings will suit a room that lacks natural light.

7. Pull asides: With large windows that span the entire width of a wall becoming popular, you don’t want your window treatments to hide the wonderful views! So install curtains that can be pulled aside and gathered along the side walls providing an uninterrupted view outside.


8. Blending: If you want your window treatments to blend into the room, then select a tonal colour. Whether blinds or curtains, it’s best not to select the exact same colour as the walls, as this can be very bland, but one or two shades darker will give you the look you need.

9. Plain: Simple curtains or blinds without trims, tassels or heavy textures that catch the eye are ideal if you want a minimalist, fuss free style to your room. Plain curtains allow the furniture and interior décor to shine through, whilst the curtains fade into the background.

10. Statements: You can make a statement with your curtains and blinds,  but that can sometimes overpower a room’s décor. An Alternative statement can be made with the accessories, such as the pelmet, tie backs and even the blinds.

statement blind

Hopefully these design trends will help you some ideas that will work in your home, and allow you to create the perfect ambiance without needing to makeover entire rooms! For help selecting curtains and blinds for your home, call Royal Crest on 03 5941 8070.