With the first half of 2019 already behind us, we can now take a good look at how window blinds are trending this year. Basically, the trend is for more minimalistic window blinds, but not at the expense of style and quality.

Less is more

The minimalist style demands clean simple lines and no fuss. You can’t go wrong with contemporary window shutters, as they add a timeless elegance that is simple and minimalist, whilst still being stylish and contemporary.

Avoid too many patterns

A minimalist style can still incorporate patterns, you just need to tread wisely. So avoid too many competing patterns in your room, settling on adding different textures and tones instead. For your window blinds, you can consider tone on tone geometric patterns or jump right in with brightly coloured trellis designs.

window blinds trends

Avoid too many colours

If you decide to add colour with your window blinds, just make sure that these colours don’t clash. Currently, design styles are trending towards a layered palette with burgundies, teals and bottle green colours being popular.

Curtain pleats

If your design style includes pleated drapes, then go for long and soft pleats for a contemporary feel, pinch pleats for a sophisticated ambiance and inverted box pleats for an ultra-modern, sharp and ‘on trend’ feel to a room.

Ultra-slim lines

If you really want a super slim and flat look to your window blinds, then consider shades that are constructed using honeycomb shaped cells. These not only let in plenty of muted light (motifs give you an interesting light display), but can easily be layered with drapes and offer you added insulation for both summer and winter.

Specific blinds that are on trend this year

The essential components of window dressage in 2017 are plantation shutters, drapes, roman blinds and roller blinds. You can mix and match these four essentials to give a room your own personal touch, depending on your style and budget.

Plantation shutters

These add drama and style to a room, whilst still letting in lots of light and a cooling breeze. Plantation shutters are ideal if you want to ramp up your privacy and add a tropical ambiance to a room. They are great for areas where drapes might be a problem, for example in bathrooms, but they are also perfect on balconies and throughout your home.

stylish plantation shutters


Curtains are a great way to add visual interest to a room, particularly as layering is trending this year. Hang sheer curtains for a sophisticated feel and heavier curtains to add insulation and soundproofing to a room. Don’t forget to consider the style of the curtain rods and for a touch of contemporary style, why not consider a motorised tracking system?

minimalist curtains

Roman blinds

The type of material and the colour of these blinds will determine the feel of a room. For example, stiff fabrics in bright colours give a crispness to a room, whilst softer fabrics in more muted colours give a relaxed feel.

funky roman blinds

Roller blinds

Simplicity itself! Roller blinds are the cheapest option for draping your windows, offering a clean, no-fuss feel to a room. You can choose anything from a sheer blind that lets in lots of light to a total block out blind for shift workers. There are even motorised roller blinds that they pair very well with drapes.

If you want to freshen up the design style in a room, changing the window dressings is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest options available to you.

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