Selecting the right blinds for your bathroom can be a tricky ordeal, especially with so many factors influencing your decision.

The most important things to consider for bathroom blinds are:

  • Privacy
  • Cleanliness
  • Durability

Funnily enough, privacy is generally not a major consideration when selecting blinds for a bathroom. Most bathrooms will have an upper window or even just a skylight, and have been designed with privacy already in mind. So the style of window covering you pick for this room can be based on other factors.

A bathroom is generally a dirty place with plenty of grime, soap scum, dust and human hairs!! Therefore it’s crucial to consider blinds that are easy to clean. Simple designs and solid surfaces can be a good choice when it comes to cleaning.

Because you likely won’t be opening and closing bathroom blinds a lot, they won’t undergo a lot of wear and tear. However they will be exposed to moisture and heat. Because of this, it is recommended you avoid fabric blinds in the bathroom, and possibly even wood.

Our Top Blind Selections for your Bathroom

Polywood Venetian Blinds

Easy to clean by simply wiping or dusting, polywood venetians are a great choice for the bathroom. They are both water resistant and warp resistant, with the durability of vinyl and the look and feel of wood. Venetian blinds are also easy to control, so you can quickly determine the amount of light (and peering eyes) you want to let in.

polywood venetian blinds in bathroom

Plantation Shutters

Highly resistant to water and heat, plantation shutters come in a range of colours that will suit your bathroom. They are high quality window coverings that are very durable, as well as being easy to clean and install. The airflow control also prevents moisture from damaging the frames.

plantation shutters in bathroom

Roller Blinds

Although we’ve stated fabric blinds can be problematic in a bathroom, certain fabrics that are less absorbant can actually be a good solution. Our roller blinds are virtually 100% waterproof as well as bacterial and fungal resistant. They are also easily washable, meaning you can remove them and ensure their ongoing cleanliness. Roller blinds are a great option when you DO have large visible bathroom windows and want a bit more privacy.

roller blinds in bathroom

Hopefully this sheds some insight into what works and what doesn’t for window coverings in your bathroom. If you’re unsure, please contact Royal Crest and our team will be able to help with any questions and find the right solution for you!!